There are several ways that roof restoration creates both instant and long-term savings for building owners and property managers. They include savings from extending roof life, savings from tax advantages, savings from reduction in utility and energy costs, and savings on materials and disposal costs.

Liquid Silicone Roof Membrane Systems:

  • Dramatically Cool Roofs
  • Lower Heat Transfer to Building
  • Reduce Energy Consumption
  • Extend the life of your roof
Roof restoration can increase the service life to your roof 5-15 years longer than a tear off/roof replacement. Further, you can continue to do restorations on sound roofs to further extend the life of the roof. Roof restoration provides a sustainable, easy to maintain roofing membrane without the time, cost, disruption, or safety concerns of tearing off an existing roof and replacing it.

Tax Advantages

​Did you know that roof maintenance systems are fully tax deductible as an operating expense? One of the key advantages of a restoration system over a new roof system is in how it is classified by the IRS. Restoration is classified as a maintenance, and in most cases it can be expensed in the accounting period in which it is incurred. On the other hand, a new roof system is a capital asset that must be amortized over a 39 year life.

Reduce Monthly Cooling Costs

Radiant heat and powerful UV rays cause thermal shock and rapid deterioration of all roofing materials at the molecular level. This constant exposure results in accelerated aging, lost flexibility, fatigue, splits and cracks and ultimately roof membrane failure. Heat build-up on a roof can also lead to increased building temperatures, building discomfort, unproductive employees and increased energy consumption and costs.

Cool roof systems drastically reduce roof temperatures, thermal shock and roof maintenance requirements. In addition, they extend roof life, improve building comfort and substantially reduce cooling costs. In fact, we refer to cool roof systems as an asset that can provide a return on your investment.

Save on Materials and Disposal Costs

​Recent increases in roofing materials, insulation, labor and insurance and disposal costs have led to all-time highs in the cost of roof replacement. In contrast, roof restoration is extremely cost effective without sacrificing performance.

This unique roof restoration process can significantly extend your roof life and in many cases double or triple the remaining life of a roof membrane. This additional value provides improved life cycle costing and a sustainable roof membrane that is easy to maintain. The time-tested systems and innovative technologies have received several patents and offer proven, sustainable options for your building. Our unique systems offer material and labor warranty options backed by one of the nation's oldest and largest roofing materials manufacturers.